Meeting Minutes 9.8.2015

SoWoSO Monthly Meeting

UNC School of Social Work

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In Attendance: Brye Balkum, Teresa Collosso, Meghan Bond, Jessica Barner, Kayla Chatterton, Abbie Heffelfinger, Danielle Knutson, Sunni Walker, Rebecca Swofford, Tom Swiderski, Sam Watson, Glamarys Acevedo, Roxy Toledo, Laurie Selz-Campbell, Kevin McNamee, Molly Russell, Daniel Ball, Laura Barkley, Kristin Rosenthal, Beth Lauder, Julia Barfield, Amy Shipow, Michelle Helton, Breana van Velzen,




  1. Introductions
  • Reading the purpose of SoWoSO
  • We are looking for students to become Representatives for all of the committees
  • We are hoping to recruit a senator for the GPSF
  • GPSF has funding available for student organizations, so it could be helpful to get involved with them
    • The catch is that it may take a while to get the money, so plan ahead
    • Reimbursement process for GPSF
  1. September social events
  • Saturday 9/12: The first home football game – We will meet at the gate to watch the game together (Gate B or C?)

III. Information for caucus leaders

  1. Caucus Fair
    1. If you want to set up a listserv for your caucus group, you can go to or you could just create a list of students and use your own e-mail account – if you already have a listserv for your caucus, you should probably use the existing listserv because of students who signed up for it in years past
  2. Reserving a room
    1. If you want to reserve a room, contact Beth Sauer —
  3. Listserv announcements
    1. Send any announcements that you have for the SoWoSO listserv, please send them out by Saturday and Tuesday (The
  4. International Caucus is having their first meeting on Monday
  5. Military Caucus is having their first meeting on Tuesday @12:30 – Don’t have a room yet
  6. LGBTQ Caucus first meeting is Tuesday Rm 107
  7. Latino Student Caucus first meeting is 9/15 Rm 101 12:30
  8. Black Student Caucus first meeting is 9/22 Rm 101 1:00 pm
    1. Fall Mixer/Trivia at Linda’s 6:00 pm 9/22
  9. NASW Conference – Should sign up now – Deadline is October 16th but they fill up fast – You must be a member – Email Danny Ball for any questions
  10. Amendment to constitution
  11. Vote to switch meeting to Tuesday
    1. Constitution says that the meetings are to be held on the first Monday of the month, except for when there are holidays
    2. Suggested that we check with Annie Francis to see if Professional Development Series would conflict with the meeting change
    3. Kevin asked that meeting time change to 1:00
    4. Next Meeting is October 13 at 1:00 pm in Rm 102
    5. Other new business?
  • New Caucus formation – Public Health Social Work
    • Must have a mission statement, leaders must come to the meeting, must create events for the year
  • Meghan asked that caucus leaders send information about events that are being planned so that we can ensure that events are spread out over the year
  • Sam asked about what needs to happen to get permission to do events (specifically tabling)
    • If furniture or anything is going to be moved, you need to put anything on the walls or other such things related to an event you are having at TTK, contact Andy at
  1. Adjournment



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